Your Horoscope Sign Reveals Your Health And Secrets How To Nurture It


The dominant traits of Aries, the leader of the Zodiac, are the eyes, brain, and head, so the usual aches to which they are prone is connected to headaches and head injuries. We suggest using mint essential oil for stress reducement.


Taurus is ruled by neck and throat, so they should use essential oil of eucalyptus that is known for relaxing the muscles, helping with neck ache and clearing the airways.


When it comes to body, Geminis are ruled by the shoulders, lungs, and arms, which results in them often suffering from respiratory problems and muscle pain. For them, we suggest the highly anti-bacterial essential oil of bergamot.


Stomach and chest rule the emotional Cancer. They often suffer from indigestion and water retention. Chamomile essential oil is ideal for this sign.


The heart is the centre for the health problems of Leo. They should use rose essential oil that increases circulation and affects the blood system.


Virgo’s sinuses are very sensitive, prone to colds and allergies, but their weak spot is also the intestines. The essential oil of frankincense will ease digestive ailments, and it helps the respiratory problems.


Libra’s body is ruled by the kidneys, lower back, and ovaries.  This makes them subjected to inflammations and pain in the back, also a stone in the kidney. Essential oil of geranium is perfect for them since it fights inflammations and balances the hormones.


Main organs of Scorpios are reproductive organs and mucosa, which results in genital problems, high temperatures, and numerous infections. The anti-bacterial essential oil of jasmine will help ease their problems.


 When it comes to Sagittarius, problems may occur with liver, hips, and thighs. Tea tree essential oil can protect this sign from infections and viruses, and it is excellent in the treatment of skin diseases.


Capricorn is ruled by bones, joints, skin and teeth.  They often have problems with arthritis, weak bones, and skin irritations. Sandalwood essential oil heals skin diseases and soothes the pain, so it’s the ideal choice for them.


Aquarius often suffers from varicose veins, poor circulation, sprains, and cramps.

Neroli, an essential oil that is produced from bitter orange blossom positively affects circulation and veins.


Pisces usually have problems with liver and feet and can suffer from blisters, bunions, and acne.

Essential oil of cedar that prevents water retention is ideal for them.



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