Watch: Fake Rice Reached The Philippines; First Victim In Davao

One of the broadly spread news is the selling of fake rice inside of the region of Asia for the most part in the East and Southeast. Yet, the supposedly fake rice from China has officially come to the Philippines. As a family from Davao was stunned when the rice that they purchased from a supplier was not what they expected.

WATCH Fake Rice Reached The Philippines; First Victim In Davao

At the point when the family cooked the rice, it was similar to the composition of a styrofoam. The rice is as white as a fleece however when it was cooked they realized that something was not right. Carmencita Grinio, the housewife who found the fake rice, did not try to serve the rice in light of the fact that she realized that it was not safe.

The Grinio family had alarmed the National Food Authority about the occurrence, they requested a sample of the rice and will further explore. The Department of Health will likewise check this matter.

As per Food and Drug Administration, if you figured out something suspicious or abnormal about the rice that you are cooking do not put yourself to the test. It is ideal to be safe than sorry.

Exceptionally now, that there is gossip about the fake rice that is being conveyed in parts of Asia that contains a synthetic resin that is lethal to humankind.

They say that avoidance is better that cure. So we should generally be aware of the nourishment’s that we are going to eat. Continuously verify that it is approved by the departments that handle those worry.


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