Video: Here Is What Happens If You Eat Organic For A Week!

What does the phrase “organic food” mean? It means to specific food production, without the use of pesticides and other chemicals. The products that are obtained in this way are the healthiest, but they should be consumed fresh, because without artificial means they cannot endure for a long time. Most of us would agree that organic food is better for the body than fruit and vegetables sprayed with pesticides. But factors such as the price of inorganic foods are hard to ignore. A product to be considered as organic food, it must follow these rules:

Experiment with Organic Food

– The manufacturers should not use pesticides, herbicides or similar means;
– The field where the organic food is grown should not be in contact with chemicals at least three previous years;
– Genetic engineering must be banned- everything has to be in tune with nature


Some experts say that the organic food can have beneficial effect on our health. If you consume organic food, it is the best way to reduce the levels of the toxins in the body. Most of the toxins can be find in forms of pesticides or other metals that act in the duration of the foods, but do not act positively on people’s health. The foods manufactured in organic way contain higher level of nutrients, such as proteins, vitamin C and many other minerals. One study showed that the organic food contains: 27% of vitamins, 21% of iron, 29% of magnesium and 13% of phosphorus.

One experiment made in Sweden, showed all the benefits of the organic food. It showed thedifference between the conventional diet and the organic food. One family participated in this experiment. The experiment lasted for three weeks. The first week, the family ate plain, inorganic food. The researchers took samples of their urine every day. In their bodies were found 8 of the 12 most common pesticides. Then, the family started to eat only organic food and continued to eat organic for two weeks. Every day the researchers took new samples of their urine and after several days, almost all pesticides disappeared from their system.

The results of the experiment are indicators for the choices me make about the food. It is worth to try to include more organic food in our diet, because of the rapid decrease of the level of pesticides. If we decide to consume nutrients of organic nature, it will be the safest and the most beneficial investment that we can invest in ourselves. We will notice a positive impact on our health in a very short time.