Use This Powerful Herb And Eliminate Stomach Aches, Diarrhea, Arthritis, Sore throat, Flu Virus…

Recent studies showed that thymol, an active substance found in thyme oil, contains powerful healing properties. Thymol is a powerful antiseptic, and therefore is a key element in many antiseptic wipes, as well as in mouth washes.

Apart for using thymol to keep your mouth bacteria-free, you can also use it to treat many different diseases and issues, such as diarrhea, stomach ache, flu and viruses, arthritis, sore throat, etc.

One of the studies, conducted at the Babol University of Medical Science in Iran found that thyme oil is a better pain reliever than any medication commonly prescribed for this purpose. It can even be used to reduce PMS related pain and discomfort.

The Iranian study included 84 women who had increased PMS discomfort and pain, all of them University’s students aging up to 24 years. The condition they were trying to relieve is called dysmenorrhea, and it affects the entire body causing headaches, nausea, back pain, and dizziness.

According to the research team, all of the women noticed significant improvement, and most of them were pain free by the end of the study.


Hypertension is easily managed with thyme oil. People suffering from this condition are often slow and have no energy, but with the thyme oil use your blood pressure will be back in normal in no time.

Antiseptic properties of thyme oil are well-known. It can be used for wound and sore cleaning as it prevents infection.

Antirheumatic effects of thyme oil, as well as gout and arthritis treatment are also recommended. Thyme essential oil can dislodge obstructions that prevent circulation in the body, and prevent accumulation of uric acid which causes these issues.

Tonic is another use of thyme oil. It can be used for heart related issues, as well as digestive, nervous system, muscle, and skin problems


  • Treating acne
  • Alopecia and other hair related issues
  • Hand sanitizing
  • Nail fungus removal
  • Vaginitis and candida
  • Insect repellent
  • Massages can improve menstrual cycle

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