How to Treat Diabetes? Now It’s Easy With These 15 Remedies

‘Diabetes Mellitus’ – this is how diabetes is known in medical sciences. It is caused when a person suffers from high blood sugar levels in their body and it falls into the category of metabolic disease. The main reason of diabetes is that either pancreas is not able to produce enough amount of insulin to control the blood sugar levels, or the produced insulin doesn’t respond as it should by the cells.

These are the three types diabetes mellitus, the major ones:

  • Type 1 – when the body is unable to generate insulin and has to be dependent on insulin, injected from outside. This type of diabetes occurs generally in teenage or during the ages when a person is about to enter their 40s;
  • Type 2 – when insulin is produced in adequate quantity by the pancreas, but that quantity is not absorbed properly by the cells of the body, resulting in high levels of blood sugar level;
  • Type 3 – a gestational type. It usually occurs in pregnant women without any previous diagnosis of the disease.

Symptoms for diabetes:

  1. Felling hungry most of the time;
  2. Tingling sensation or numbness;
  3. Sudden rise in blood sugar levels;
  4. Body becomes susceptible to fungal and yeast infections;
  5. Increased thirst;
  6. Gradual loss in weight;
  7. Skin related problems, such as itching, dry skin, etc.;
  8. Slow healing of wounds and abrasions;
  9. Raised blood pressure;
  10. Increased urination;
  11. Fatigue and irritation;
  12. Blurred vision;
  13. Presence of ketones in urine.

Home Remedies

  1. Cinnamon

A true bliss. Mix 4 teaspoons of cinnamon powder and water and let it boil it on low flame. Drink this beverage every day in order to control and your healthy blood glucose levels in your body.

  1. Guavas

They are high in vitamin C and fibre. You can easily maintain a healthy glucose level by having a guava every day.

  1. Bitter gourd

In the morning drink a glass full of bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach. This will help you in maintaining a proper glucose levels in your body, over a period of few months. It is a bit bitter, but really helpful.

  1. Jambul

The jambul plant, especially the leaves and berries, help to keep blood-sugar levels in control. It is beneficial for diabetic patients if you have it daily.

  1. Mango Leaves

Mango’s leaves should be soaked in water for one night and then consume them the next morning on an empty stomach. You can also consume them in powdered form. Dry mango leaves and make a powder out of them and store it. The powder should consume it twice a day – every day – with water

  1. Aloe Vera

This plant is beneficial and fights against almost everything. When it comes to diabetes, aloe vera is not an exception. Take equal quantities of aloe vera juice, turmeric, and bay leaf, and mix them together. For lower blood glucose levels, consume this mix before meal on an empty stomach.

  1. Jamun

Jamun may not be available throughout the year, but you can have it during its season. It is advised to consume at least 100 grams of this incredible fruit every day in the season in order to fight diabetes.

  1. Sunlight

The best source for Vitamin D is the sun. It is vital in controlling blood glucose levels inside the body. Expose yourself to sunlight early in the morning to have some sunlight that will keep the problem at aside and will keep you healthy with lower diabetes.

  1. Fenugreek

Take some fenugreek seeds and put them into water. Leave them overnight. Consume them the next morning on an empty stomach. You can also add powdered fenugreek in your milk and drink it every day.

  1. Indian gooseberry

They are rich in vitamin C and help the production of insulin in order to maintain a healthy blood glucose level. Take two teaspoons of amla juice and consume it with water every morning, on an empty stomach, in order to keep diabetes at bay.

  1. Grape seed sxtract

These seeds are high in vitamin E, flavonoids, linoleic acid, and they have been proven to cure the problem of diabetes. To treat and cure the disease, a person can consume 300 mg capsule, having grounded grape seed extract,

  1. Water

Drink water since it balances your glucose. Studies have exposed that consuming 2.5 liters of water a day have shown drastic improvement in the condition of people, suffering from diabetes mellitus. Plus, water is good for everything, not just diabetes.

  1. Garlic

It lowers down the levels of cholesterol in the body, but it also keeps diabetes aside. Garlic has a chemical, called allicin, which is known to have hypoglycemic effects. Forget about the smell, it’s really healthy.

  1. Fig leaves

These leaves contain anti-diabetic properties, which are used in effective treatment of the disease. Boil them into water and have them as tea. Also, you can even chew them empty stomach, early in the morning on an empty stomach.

  1. Neem

Neem is rich in anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Studies show that it is efficient enough in reducing the insulin requirements of the body by 50 percent. Not bad, eh?

There are also homeopathic medications for diabetes

  1. Phosphorus – recommended for patients who have dark and watery stool, excessively dry mouth and throat and increased blood sugar levels;
  2. Phosphoric acid – effective against milky urine with high sugar levels in it, try this. Other symptoms include unquenched thirst and loss of appetite. This one is also effective when there are larger amounts of phosphate deposits in urine;
  3. Uranium nitrate – effective against frequent urination as it controls urination to 3 times the existing value. Blood sugar levels are also controlled with this medicine.

Preventive measures:

  1. Consume more vegetable oils, nuts, and seeds;
  2. Do exercises – they will certainly help you in reducing weight and will also help you in lowering your blood sugar levels;
  3. Consume more fibers – they control the levels of blood sugar levels and also prevent your body from heart diseases;
  4. Try to cut down on meat and other processed non-vegetarian foods, rather go for poultry or fish;
  5. Consume more whole grains foods;
  6. Quit smoking and consuming alcohol. (Though, moderate amounts may even help in curing the type 2 diabetes mellitus).
  7. Drink coffee, tea, and water. Forget about sugary drinks.


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