This Ancient Face Map Will Tell You What Disease You Have and How to Cure It!

Chinese medicine has been using the human face for illness diagnostics for centuries. Skin is our largest organ, and regarding that the skin on our faces is the most sensitive and thinnest, it is only logical that some issues with the rest of our body might show on our faces. Rashes, spots, lesions, or discoloration can all be indicators of some serious issues.

The ancient method used by the Chinese claims that certain parts of our faces show specific organ problems. For example:

  • Cheeks

Issues with kidneys and lungs are shown here, as well as issues caused by poor diet, smoking, and stress. Consult a nutritionist to fix the problems.

  • Nose

Cardio-vascular issues are presented in this area, and also digestive issues such as increased stomach acidity. Consult your doctor, and have your cholesterol levels checked.

  • Forehead

Digestive issues caused by processed foods and sugars, and bad fats. Stress and alcohol consumption can also cause spots in this area. Avoid overindulging in sweets and alcohol for a while and you’ll notice a significant improvement.

  • Neck

Hormonal imbalance is shown on your neck and jaw, as well as issues caused by consuming excessive amounts of spicy and salty food. Pay attention to your sodium intake, and avoid coffee.

  • Eyebrows

At this are you’ll notice signs of kidney problems, and color disfiguration caused by smoking and alcohol. Avoid these vices, and get more sleep.

  • Between eyebrows

If your liver is being stressed it will show in this area. Problems caused by constant stress and tiredness are shown here, as well as food allergies. Try switching to a fresh and raw diet, and have a go at meditation for stress relief.


Source: collectivehealthy

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