The Top 15 Reasons You Should Eat Celery Every Day

Not like many other vegetables, you can eat everything from a celery even its seeds and leaves. Every part of this vegetable can beneficial when you eat it. since it has a salty taste it usually added to recipes to enhance the product.

Besides the way it taste and the big role it has to cooks, celery has a high source of vitamins and minerals. Celery is high in folic acid and potassium that your body uses to perform at its optimal level. The most important source that celery has is the amount of vitamin C that it has and with this it will boost your immune system and keeping your body safe from any kind of disease and virus that’s floating around. Not many people know it to be a super food but you should seriously include celeries to your every day diet to long healthy lifestyle. Find out how important it is to have celery in your diet with these 15 reasons.
the-top-15-reasons-you-should-be-eating-celery-every-dayTreats Bladder Infections
If you have had a bladder infection you know how horrible it feels to have one, you can’t go anywhere because you constantly run to use the bathroom but once you get there only two drops come out and after a while you get sick of running to a toilet for nothing well if you want to treat this once you get it try eating celery. It’s been proven that celery will help flush out gallstones from the body and can also treat bladder infections.

Joint Health
Research has discovered that celery is able to aid in inflammation-based ailments such as gout, arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis, due to its potent anti-inflammatory properties which deal with the swelling and pain in the joints of people suffering from these issues. In order to treat these diseases, the treatment should include a glass of celery juice a day.

Reduces Inflammation
This vegetable has many anti inflammatory properties that will help reduce pain that is caused by inflammation. So next time you a headache or your body is aching why not try celery instead of harmful chemical drug that can be harmful to our body.

Manages Blood Pressure
Celery is abundant in potassium which is helpful in lowering blood pressure. Moreover, it contains phthalides which help to relax the muscles surrounding the arteries. This helps the blood vessels dilate, lowering blood pressure further.

Reduces Cholesterol
Phthalides are also responsible for its properties to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in a person’s body. They trigger the production of bile acids that work to reduce LDL cholesterol in the blood. In order to enjoy its benefits, you only need to consume two sticks of celery every day.

Cancer Protection
The compounds in celery have an aid that can help beat off many different kinds of cancer. The flavonoid luteolin works to obstruct the growth of cancer cells. Most doctors would suggest going through chemo- therapy but there are so many fact out there stating that chemo may cause people to die faster than one who doesn’t choose the same method. Maybe you can be the one who uses another source and live longer. Phthalides found in celery, as well as polyacetylenes, detoxify cancer cells in the body, and help prevent cancer, specifically ovarian cancer.

Aids in Weight Loss
Are you trying to lose weight but no matter what you do those pounds won’t budge, you’ve tried just about everything but nothing is working. Namely, a stalk of celery on average has only 15 calories in it. You can munch on a whole bunch of celery without being concerned about the calories, and the fiber in it will keep you fuller, for longer.

Natural Diuretic
The level of potassium and sodium found naturally in celery makes it a potent diuretic. It is especially helpful in flushing harmful toxins from the body, as well as regulating fluids.

Alleviates Menstrual Symptoms
There are 50 other compounds in celery that deal with menstrual symptoms like bloating, headache, and abdominal pain. The phytochemical anethole in celery helps to deal with hot flashes that can occur during menstruation.

Relieves Stress
You can deal stress in a natural way using celery. It contains magnesium which works to calm down you nervous system. Furthermore, you can improve your sleep by eating some at dinner.

Treats Bad Breath
Poor oral hygiene, bacteria, food stuck in the gums and teeth, cause bad breath. Chewing on a piece of celery works to dislodge food and refresh your breath at the same time.

Digestion Help
Celery has one of the highest percentages of water in it, as well as being packed with insoluble fiber, in fact, it is basically water and fiber with a crunch. Due to that, it plays a big role in keeping you regular and dealing with constipation.

Eye Health
Many nutrients found in celery helps to protect your eyes from macular degeneration. Also, a single large celery stalk has can contain at least 10% of your daily recommended dosage of vitamin A, perfect for the health of your eyes.

Anti-aging Properties
This favorable vegetable contains potent antioxidants, as well as vitamins A, C, E and other essential nutrients. The vitamin E in it helps keep skin nourished and moisturized, and the antioxidants in celery help protect skin from dangerous substances that can lead to aging skin.

Boosts Libido
Celery aids in a healthy sex drive, for it contains two known as androstenol and androstenone, which have been found to help bolster sex drive.

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