Say No To Nutella, It Is Poisoning You And Your Children


Its time to stop using and consuming products that are advertised as healthy when really their just full of GMO. The company and advertising may fool as its supposedly natural hazel and they try hard to make you believe that its health to eat for you and your family but there’s nothing about this product that healthy. It’s true that nutella contains ingredient that are GMO and for many people just telling them that it contains GMO isn’t enough for them to understand. Therefore, in this case we will explain to you that Nutella is not healthy.

The Dangers of Nutella:


It is a common knowledge, that people nowadays consume soy in large amount. A lot of people will disagree with the idea that soy is dangerous to our health, by claiming that Asian cultures consume soy often and they have done it for centuries. But, you should take into account that Asian cultures consume naturally grown soybeans and they do it in small quantities.  Also, being more specific we are talking about soy lecithin, which is not very friendly to our health. Why? Because it causes thyroid depression, fatigue, delay menstruation, uncontrolled weight gain, and breast cancer. So, soy lecithin is not our health’s friend, and say NO, NO, NO to it.


The sugar that is in nutella is genetically modified sugar that contain pesticide and is used because of its low price and low quality. As this sugar is really cheap it’s called neurotoxins and can cause many problems. This sugar is able to get into the blood brain barrier and can kill of brain cells. This sugar has also been linked to ADD, ADHD, autism, depression and migraines.

Skim Milk

When you think of skim milk, you probably have in your mind the image of green meadows and happy cows. But, the reality is very different. What we have is pus filled milk of sick cows, which are fed with GMO corn, and different antibiotics, and all that with the purpose of decreasing cost and getting higher profits. In the end, we consumers end up with a white liquid with added powdered milk and large amounts of cholesterol on it.


Like many other brands of food, nutella has a label that says there no artificial flavors but I’m pretty sure they forgot that vanillin is an artificial flavor. This artificial flavor tells the brain that your consuming vanilla but really your consuming a deadly neurotoxin that can kill off brain cells. Vanillin cause your brain to think it feels great and wanting more of it. Another fact is that vanillin is produced in petroleum based China factories.