Real Horror: Millions Of Insects Attack Tourists On The Beach; Everybody Fears That The End Of The World Is Coming

On the beach near Buenos Aires emerged million insects, and this bug invasion surprised many people. Some people even called this phenomenon as “misfortune of biblical proportion” whiles other have a scientific explanation for that current event.


According to Daily Mail, the beaches in Argentina were invaded by millions of insects, leaving the experts speechless.

The local people from that region were frightened when the swarm of insects appeared on the beach near the resort “Mar de Ajo”, 50 kilometers from the capital city Buenos Aires, and 50 kilometers from San Bernardo.

On the social network immediately emerged photos from these terrible scenes which look alike from a horror movie scene.


Local media claims that people who live near the beach, catch these insects and sale them for money. But some of the people claim that this is a sign that the end of the world is near.

Scientists believe that these insects leave under the ground for 1 or 2 years, but came out during the time for reproduction.

This cycle last four days, and after the insects die. Years ago the breeding of the insects happened in the same time in January, but in recent years this process is happening pretty much later.