You Must Know these 16 Early Symptoms that Your Liver is Slowing Down!


This vital organ in our body can eliminate these toxins in two phases:

  1. It uses the enzymes and turns the lipid soluble toxins into a less dangerous compound.
  2. When it pairs the toxins with other molecules, it will boost the water solubility, to easily get rid of the toxins from the body.

Once the liver slows down, the toxins have a hard time leaving the body, which causes weight gain.

The symptoms that specify that your liver has become slow and needs detoxification:

  • Excessive perspiration;
  • Weight gain without any evident reason;
  • Chronic fatigue;
  • Abdominal pain, constipation, gases, diarrhea, bloating;
  • Issues digesting fats;
  • Chronic bad breath;
  • Pessimistic emotions;
  • Hormonal imbalances;
  • Lethargy/feeling drained/ brain fog;
  • Migraines/ headaches behind the eyes/ dull headaches relieved with rest;
  • Chronic muscle or joint pain;
  • Depression and anxiety;
  • Chemical sensitivities;
  • Gall bladder removed;
  • Allergies;
  • Acne or skin disorders.

To help your liver treat this problem, you need to stimulate it so it can eliminate toxins in the body.

Use food sources of sulfur;

Consume animal-based and plant-based sources of amino acids;

Decrease or eliminate alcohol;

Raise the consumption of green leafy vegetables;

Increase the consumption of healthy fats;

Eat enough fiber;

Consume the right amounts of pure water.

Consume a balanced diet;

Avoid inflammatory oils;

Reduce eating any refined sugar;

Reduce the consumption of fructose (20-25 gr. per day);

Eliminate GMO products and buy only organic foods;

The three products below will help you return your liver to its right function:

  1. Turmeric: This powerful ingredient, curcumin has an amazing anti inflammatory property. Since it has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties it will protect the liver from any damage and regenerates the infected cells. By mixing black pepper to this it will boost the properties.
  2. Milk thistle: this also has strong anti inflammatory, antioxidant, anti viral and anti fibrotic properties, that will prevent any damage to the liver from drugs, toxins, viruses and alcohol.
  3. Globe artichoke: this will also protect the liver and boosts its activity, which will support in eliminating bile and reduce the risk of LDL cholesterol.