Monk Claims: These Three Ingredient Cure Cancer

This remedy is spreading successfully world wide, against the propaganda of the pharmaceutical industry, because the monk in his book has written “you can be healed from the air”.

Monk Claims These Three Ingredient Cure Cancer

Needed ingredients:

35 gr fresh Aloe Vera leaves

6 big tablespoons of liquor – rum, schnapps or whiskey

50gr of natural honey

Steps of preparation:

With a clean towel wipe the Aloe Vera leaves and remove the needles from the tops, and than rip of the leaves without previous peeling.

Put the leaves in the blender; add the honey and the liquor. Blend the mixture until becomes homogenous. There is not need to boil or strain.


Take one spoon three times a day before meal.  The prepared cure keeps it in the refrigerator. Try to spend till the end.