Methods For Applying Coconut Oil to your Hair: Repairing, Nourishing, Smoothing

One of the main ingredients that almost all sun lotion, body and face creams contain is coconut oil. Recently, it is being added to hair products as well.

In order to have smooth, glossy, and long hair, women in Malaysia, Philippines, India, Burma and Caribbean have used coconut oil for hundred years.

The benefits you get from consume food products that contain coconut oil are undeniable. for more, below you can find out how great is it to your hair as well.


  1. Avoids Hair Loss

Many people are currently suffering either hair loss it can be from a number of different things like skin inflammation, fungal infections and a poor lifestyle. Coconut has been well know to provide nutrition to the scalp and skin. If you are already a usual coconut oil users you are less likely to get certain skin inflammations.

Usage:  Mix together 3 tbsp of coconut oil with 2 tbsp of sage oil and heat it so it can be well combined. Wait until the mixture cools and massage it on your scalp. After place a plastic bag or a plastic cape on your head and wash it out the next morning.

  1. Repairs and Maintains Damaged Hair

In comparison with sunflower oil, coconut oil has been qualified as the best natural remedy on avoiding hair damage and loss. It has been proven that it prevents the loose of hair proteins which contribute to a strong hair shaft.

Coconut oil can also be used for prevent split ends or repairs the almost split ones. However the best advice is to consider cutting them off every 2 months.

  1. It Smoothes Your Hair

Hair can easily get frizzy especially when it’s too dry. Coconut oil will moisturize your hair and repeal any water that can will get on it during the day.

Apply coconut oil to your hair and let it sit for 10 minutes before you wash your hair. Also when you apply it to your split ends it will make it easier to brush it.

  1. Removes Dandruff

A common problem we often face regarding our hair is dandruff which is a hair condition characterized by the detaching of the skin, usually caused by dry skin .

Because coconut oil hydrates your skin, dandruff is successfully treated

Usage: castor oil and coconut oil is being mixed in equal parts. Hair scalp is being massaged and left at least 30 minutes before being washed. using this tip regularly will remove dandruff from your hair completely.

  1. Destroys Lice

A hair problem that people have is hair lice and it tends to happen more in children. Many ways to get rid of this contain toxins and can damage the hair.

Use coconut oil instead to easily treat lice and it will smooth and dehydrate the lice instead on irritating your head.

Once lice get onto the head the grow and reproduce quickly. Coconut oil can prevent and eliminate lice eggs.

Usage: apply the oil to your hair consistently every day, depending how fast your hair absorbs it. for the lice specifically you can add some oil drops of the tea tree, which makes the substance stronger on fighting the lice.

  1. Prevents Gray Hair

The color of your hair depend on the pigment cells which are founded in the hair follicles. getting older means that the pigment will get weaker, which leads to gray hair. Coconut oil prevents them due to its ability to protect the hair follicles and nourish hair scalp. the healthier the follicles are the longer it will take for the hair to end up being gray.

Usage: mix lemon and coconut oil and massage your hair with them for 15 minutes. Repeat it every day.

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