Keep The Sprouted Garlic – It Is A Great Cure That Kills 14 Types Of Cancer Cells

Garlic – one of the most beneficial vegetables and one of the best immune system booster. But, the sprouted garlic has even more to offer when it comes to cancer.

Some root vegetables like potatoes have an increased toxicity as they age and begin to sprout. However, this is not the case with the sprouted garlic. Sprouted garlic is better for you than the fresh one.

Studies show that there are more antioxidant activities in sprouted garlic than in the “normal” garlic. Garlic’s own immune system is bettered after sprouting through the production of phitoalekins – naturally occurring chemicals that make the garlic plant less susceptible to pathogens. In this way the plant rejects any diseases for itself and by consuming it can do the same for you.

The sprouting changes the metabolism of garlic in relation to fresher garlic. Five-day-old garlic shoots had a higher antioxidant ratio compared to the ones younger. Studies even show that the sprouts are beneficial particularly where cancer is concerned.

So, this garlic is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, immune-acceleration, and improves cardiovascular health. There are even proofs that sprouted garlic kills 14 types of cancer cells; cells for brain, lung, breast and pancreatic cancer.  Plus, this garlic is high in phytochemicals and thus it has a double effect for stopping strokes.

NOTE: Check the label when you buy garlic.  Imported garlic is often grown in human waste meaning it had been sprayed with toxic bleach compounds upon importation in an attempt to offset its toxic origins. This garlic may not even sprout at all. However, the locally grown garlic, which is basically organic, does sprout, so try and consume the latter type.

If you’d like to make garlic sprout faster, peel the bulb and insert a toothpick into either side of the clove. Put it into a glass of water until the bottom part of the bulb is under water and place it under the sun. The window pane is perfect. After it has sprouted, it is ready to be consumed.

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The garlic may smell, but there isn’t anything like it. Consume it daily.