An Italian Doctor Shocked The World: Cancer Is A Fungus That Can Be Treated With Baking Soda! (VIDEO)

Tulio Simonchini, a doctor from Italy, claims that cancer is a fungus which can easily be cured with nothing more than baking soda. He claims to have used this method in curing thousands of patients. The patients suffered from different types of cancers, and Doctor Simonchini claims that the method is 100% effective.

Non-invasive method is what draws the patients in, and an attitude of having nothing to lose after trying dozens of other treatments. Dr. Simonchini says that modern oncology has no definitive answer to cancer, which is our moral obligation to cure as it is the deadliest disease of our time.

He firmly stands by his theory that cancer is a fungus, and this statement shocks his colleagues and the entire medical world.

In case of plants, carcinoma is caused by fungal infections. Dr. Simonchini claims that fungi always carry a tumor and this statement is proven in multiple studies. Other scientist believe that the fungi actually appear after the tumors, but not Dr. Simonchini. He claims that fungi were there before the tumor, and they created it, then weaken our immune system and then spread through our entire body. He also claims that every cancer type is caused by Candida fungus, and the fungus weakens our system making it produce unidentified cells, creating “ulcers” where cancerous and deformed cells gather and form tumors.

Baking soda cure

Dr. Simonchini says that antifungal drugs cannot be used against cancer, as they don’t act on a deeper level, but only on a superficial one. The infection is stronger than a bacterial one, and therefore fungal infections last longer. He claims that he has discovered that the only, and the most effective way to treat and kill these fungi colonies is with baking soda, or in case of skin cancer – iodine.

The treatment

The Italian doctor has been treating patients with baking soda for more than 20 years, and many of his patients have supposedly recovered even though other doctors gave them no chance. Dr. Simonchini says that the most effective way to kill the tumor is to put baking soda on it directly, in a form of enemy for example in digestive cancer, or as an injection for brain and lung types, or inhalation for upper respiratory cancer.

Proper doses are also important, according to Dr. Simonchini, and those are dependent on the tumor size. He also says that tumors tend to come back around 3 to 4 day after the procedure, and then disappear again at day 5. A minimum treatment period is 6 days, in 4 cycles, and there are no side-effects.

For ski ncancer, rubbing a 0,7% iodine tincture on the are affected is recommended up to 30 times a day, and Dr. Simonchini guarantees that the tumor will not appear again.


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