Here`s How To Melt The Excess Fat From The Stomach In Just 30 Days (video)

There are many different ways to melt fat deposits around the stomach. This article will explain the plank exercise that will decrease the amount of excess fat from you’re your stomach and will strengthen you external muscles in your back, arms, legs and butt muscles.

So this exercise will work you need to hold the top position of a push up. The muscles work in the same way as it would while doing pushups and will strengthen them as well.

The most important thing to get the best results is to make sure you are in the right position. Once you lift your elbows relying on just your toes, keep your upper body straight.

By putting weight evenly on your elbows and legs it will tense you muscle in your butt to stay balance. It is very important to be persistent and dedicated and finish this 30 day challenge.

Note: You should start with 20 seconds on the first day, then you can gradually increase in the following days.

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