Here Is Why You Should Always Sleep On Your Left Side…

It has been scientifically proven long ago that the amount of sleep you get directly relates to your body and mind; whether by slowing or improving your reaction time, determining how easily you get agitated, or how well your body recovers from exhaustion.

A new wave of research has brought another important aspect into the equation – in which position you sleep. Sleeping in the most optimal position is one of the most important factors that influences digestion, skin complex, and your entire organism.

Scientists say that sleeping on your left side is the way to go, because sleeping on the right side can have a negative impact on the digestion process. The scientists also say that asthmatics should at all cost avoid sleeping on their back.

One of the benefits of sleeping on your left side is that your heart is able to pump blood more easily. This position also allows your digestive system to work without any pressure that occurs when you sleep on your right side, and your spleen is also not under pressure as it is when you sleep on the right.

Dr. John Duillard says that laying or sleeping on your left immensely helps your digestive system; while on your left side, the food is allowed to be digested and contracted out of your stomach by muscle contraction, while laying on your right your body pressures the stomach, and gravity speeds up the process, emptying it in a way that doesn’t allow all the food to be processed and digested. He also says that one of the main reasons to sleep on your left is that your lymphatic system primarily dumps in your left side. If your lymphatic system (i.e. spleen) is not allowed to function properly, you could be in trouble, says Dr. Duillard.

Source: naturalhealthyteam

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