Do You Have Headache Frequently? See Which One Is Dangerous And Shouldn’t Be Ignored !


Headache can cause pain in different parts of your head. You feel pain in one area or all over. Headaches tend to come slowly and worst over time. When a headache occurs it can last a day or a week depending on the reason for it. Many times we get headaches and not see the root cause of it. It’s very important to see which headaches are just from something simple or that are deadly. Many people who get headaches get other effects as well like nausea, vomiting, confusion, blurred vision and other problems, but many people do see it as a health issue as they just think its a regular headache.

Below you have it explained when you should be worried:

  1. Migraine- Severe Headache Getting Intense in The Morning

This is a condition called ” morning migraine”, which should not be ignored since it can be related to brain tumor. Casida Balmaceda who is an assistant professor of Neurology claims conducted study which shows that morning migraine has been highly related to morning migraine.

  1. Traumatic Headache- Caused Right After Injury

This type of headache occurs if you have been in a car accident or have been a victim of a type of physical violence. This needs to be seen by a doctor immediately as it can cause the brain to be more prone to damage and skull pressing.

  1. Cerebral ache- When it Occurs Suddenly

When blood spreads around the brain your pupils will start dilating, your vision will start doubling or blurring. Also, you feel pain above your eyes and feel highly tired. Such a condition is known to be life-threatening because of them bleeding that takes place in the subarachnoid part of the head.

  1. Worst Headache Experienced

If you are experiencing a severe migraine you won’t be able to stand from dizziness, you will feel neck pain, dizziness and having more pin with light. If you continue to have the pain after a day see a doctor.

  1. Thunderclap pain

Subarachnoid hemorrhage is a health condition mostly associated with thunderclap pain. This is a type of headache which as times passes it tends to be sharper and reach its maximum.