Food Is Medicine – These Are The Best Natural Painkillers Located In Your Kitchen!

Avoiding unsaturated fats, such as sugar, eating whole grains, a hefty influx of vitamins, are all well-known factors in maintaining your health. Unfortunately, our busy schedules sometimes bring the need to eat unhealthy food with basically no nutritional value. Bad eating habits, and certain time periods, bring a significant increase in virus numbers in our environment, and this leads to us getting ill.

All of our problems can be cured or eased using some simple, common foods, which you can get at every corner, or even grow on your own. For curing specific pains, and making you feel better during a cold certain “medical” foods should be used.

Ginger is used to diminish muscle pain. A recent Danish study proved that taking a tablespoon of dry ginger every other day reduces muscle and joint pain. Stiffness and swelling can also be reduced with ginger, even by the margin of 63%.

Cloves are used to ease toothache. UCLA research has shown that chewing on a clove can reduce tooth and gum pain in a matter of hours. Cloves are filled with eugenol, which is an anesthetic. Adding ¼ teaspoon of ground cloves to a meal can regulate blood sugar and lower your cholesterol.

Garlic is renowned for its numerous health benefits. One if these is the use in ear pain relief. Putting 2 drops of warm garlic oil in the ear that hurts, and doing so for 5 days relieves you completely of ear pain. Research conducted at the University of Mexico has resulted in findings that support these claims, and it has been proven that the selenium and sulfur garlic contains are powerful bacteria fighters. Making garlic oil is simple; simmer 3 cloves of garlic and ½ tablespoon of olive oil for 2 minutes, then refrigerate for 2 hours.

Cherries are proven (Michigan University) to cure headache, arthritis, and gout. Recipe is the simple as can be; eat a bowl of cherries every day. Cherries are also proven to be as much as 10 times better at curing inflammation than ibuprofen.

Fish is known as a healthy food, and it definitely is one. Eating 18oz of fish every week helps your digestion immensely. Fish also prevents cramps, inflammation, and stomach pain. For best results, you should consume various types: sardines, herring, trout, salmon, tuna, etc.

Yoghurt reduces PMS symptoms, such as cramps. 2 cups of youghut a day during the menstrual cycle can reduce PMS symptoms by almost 50% (Yale University).

Coffee might not be as healthy as yoghurt is, but is has been proven that it eases migraine pains, in combination with painkillers, and speeds up healing by 40%,

Mint helps relax your mind, as well as body. Soaking sore muscles in warm water infused with mint (10 drops of mint oil or a few fresh leaves) reduces cramps 25% more than painkillers.

Honey is another fairly popular remedy for all types of health issues. From colds to cold sores, daily use is recommended. You can use honey to sweeten your tea, or in the case of cold sores dab honey on them 4 times a day until they disappear. It has been proven (Dubai Medical Center) that this method heals cold sores 43% better than creams.

Salt is probably the most common household item, and it can be used for curing ingrown nails. Soak the ingrown nails in a mixture of warm water and salt and the improvement will come in a matter of days. Feet infections can be treated the same way, as salt kills bacteria and germs. Soak your feet for roughly 20 minutes a day.

Pineapple is not only delicious, it also helps digestion. Experts say that 1 cup of pineapple juice per day reduces bloating after only 3 days of use.

Grapes are proven (Ohio State University) to relax the blood vessels, and improve blood flow with just a cup consumed per day. Good blood flow is crucial for repairing damaged tissue, so eating lots of grapes can be beneficial after an injury.

Water is everywhere around us, and we barely think about its benefits. Depending on the mineral content, water can be used in healing numerous issues. High magnesium content water improves your digestion, helps with your sight and can also be an essential element in curing broken or damaged bones or injuries in general.

Source: organichealthuniverse

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