Findings Confirmed, Doctors Did Not Believe: Woman Cure Cancer In The Fourth Stage! She Ate Only THIS!

This beautiful woman turned 31 this year. She went through four stages of cancer in less than 6 months but by the time the doctors wanted her to go through chemotherapy she decided that she didn’t want to go through it after seeing the horrifying effects that come with chemotherapy and some don’t even make out. She decided that she wanted to live the rest of what they told her was a short time but she didn’t want to miserable with chemo.

She was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. The doctors recommended that she should go through chemotherapy but she did agree to, they told her she would only live to about 5 years but she still said no.  A family member of hers and also one of her friends went through cancer did all the chemotherapy that was given and still didn’t make she didn’t want to take that chance.

Even though she was told that she didn’t have the time to beat this horrible disease, she didn’t give up there and kept on fighting no matter what people would tell her. Finally she found what some call as a miracle, she learned about the bromelain found in pineapples, kiwi and papaya kills the protein layer of cancer. She began with drinking pineapple juice every day. Sometimes she would just eat only fruits for days.

She decided that she would no longer use cosmetics or any cleaning product, quit smoking and found a way to keep her life at peace decreases the stress in her life to the lowest.

Stress, chemicals and animal products only support the cancer!

The doctors were amazed to find out that the cancer is completely eliminated when she went for the regular check up six months later.