Feng Fu Point Therapy: What Happens When You Place Ice Cube On This Exact Point?


It’s a wish of everyone, to look youthful, beautiful, energetic and lively. And how can it become possible?

Obviously, eat right, be dynamic, keep your brain sharp, and don’t do high-hazard exercises is one way.

Do you want to find a way of releasing and reducing the stress? A way to expand your vitality, improves the nature of your rest, soothes stress and tiredness and diminishes indications of specific infections?

All things considered, I’m going to reveal a secret way to you!

It’s called Feng Fu.

It is simply a Chinese needle therapy procedure of keeping a block of ice on a precise location on your body for 20 minutes.

Known as pressure point, it is found at the base of the skull, just underneath the base edge of the skull top at the highest point of the neck. Pressing the feng fu point with an ice square on more than one occasion a day will advance general wellbeing and prosperity.

Step by step instructions to find the Feng Fu Point
  • By lying down, trace the base of your skull ( the point where neck and skull meet)
  • You can easily find the point by palpating the neck and base of skull.
  • If you’re experiencing difficulty discovering it, attempt tilt your head back so you can feel your neck muscles better. Amidst them you will discover the profundity of the Feng Fu point.
Step by step instructions to do the Feng Fu Ice Cube Method for Healing
  • Performing the Feng Fu ice treatment on you is unimaginably simple. You should simply take after the 4 straightforward strides underneath:
  • By pressing your stomach on the ground, make yourself cozy.
  • On the feng fu point, right at the back of your neck, place the ice cube
  • Approx for 20 minutes, leave the block of ice on that point.
  • Feel the advantages!

Do it after getting up in the morning on a empty stomach and before going to bed.

What does this therapy do?

It enhances your rest quality

It enhances your mind-set.

It directs your gut.

It soothes colds.

It soothes toothaches and migraines.

It may soothe lung and cardiovascular illnesses.

It may help thyroid issues.