The Elixir of Youth Exists – It’s in the Pomegranate

There are a lot of advantages of consuming pomegranate. It slows down aging, relieves stress, it’s great for your sex life and keep heart diseases at bay. Studies show that it reduces the oxidation process in the body and it is a natural protection against the aging. No wonder why it is called elixir of youth. And, if you consume it daily, the aging process of DNA will start to slow down.

A study was conducted – 60 volunteers during a month consumed pomegranates including pith, peel and seeds, in the form of a capsule. Scientists have monitored the activity of these chemicals in their bodies and comparing them with those taking a placebo. They found a significant decrease in markers associated with cell damage that can lead to impaired function of the brain, muscle, liver and kidney, as well as the effects of aging on the skin, which proved that pomegranate do preserve youth.

Pomegranate slows down the process of oxidation or rusting of the DNA in cells which naturally occurs over time. This elixir of youth is in small quantities in the juice, but mainly in non-eatable cortex and white core that has been converted into pills and drinks, which is great.

The study revealed that a decrease in the level of the chemical marker called 8-Oxo-DG in the urine of research participants. This marker is associated with DNA damage caused by a range of chemicals that we consume through food, drinks and breathing. Pomegranate had been a super food for centuries since it is rich in vitamins A, C and E, iron, and antioxidants, chemical compounds that can neutralize harmful oxygen molecules, or free radicals.

Last year, scientists at the University of Queen Margaret in Edinburgh found that pomegranate juice can reduce stress at work. Besides being good for the heart, which reduces stress and makes us happy, pomegranate also improves sex life. Hence, just by consuming pomegranates, you will be younger, with better heart, and will have improved sex life. Amazing, isn’t it?


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