THIS is the easiest way to REMOVE PET HAIR

So many people love pet as they are beautiful and can be quite entertaining at times, but there are some things negative aspects  that comes with them.  One of the main reasons people rather not adopt them is the hair that they shed, which can be quite frustrating at times. Textbox claim that they only shed  twice a year in autumn and in spring but if you own one of these furry animals you know this isn’t quite true.


Most cat and quite a few dogs shed all year long, they just shed more during spring and autumn. There is a way to remove this hair though, you might already know that vacuuming doesn’t do much good. Brush up all the hair around the house with a brush you no longer need, spray this hair with fabric softener/water mixture and clean with a sponge. Another way you can do this without the sponge is apply all the steps above and vacuum the hair after.