Death In A Bottle: This Is Used By Many People And They Are Not Aware That It Is Slowly Killing Them!

Do you use a hand sanitizer? Read this article carefully and you will never use it again!

Many people have the habit to use hand sanitizer when something spills on their hands, or before the children sit on the table for lunch after a day spent at the park. This is a popular method of cleaning the hands and many people are following this trend. This method of cleaning the hands is simple: rub it on the hands and is supposedly a great approach to eliminating germs.

Warning: why you shouldn’t use hand sanitizer ever again

Have you wondered how does a simple gel destroy bacteria? What does it contain?

Contrary to popular belief, hand sanitizers are destructive to your overall health, killing the bad and good bacteria altogether.

How is the hand sanitizer harmful to your wellbeing?

Besides the hand sanitizer destroys the bacteria and germs that cause diseases such as cold or flu, it also destroys the good bacteria that lives inside our body. Some of these microscopic organisms are needed for proper functioning of the body and are crucial to keep your framework under control. The good bacteria also fights dangerous bacteria that enter our body.

When the hand sanitizer destroys the good bacteria, it harms the immune system too, resulting in build – up of harmful germs in the body. When the immune system cannot defeat the bacteria that attacks it, you become ill and it fighting the bacteria gets further complicated.

One more negative side of using a hand sanitizer is the Bisphenol – A content. BPA is a chemical that can cause damage to the endocrine system, responsible for delivering hormones and controls how your body works. Recent studies have showed that higher amounts of BPA in the blood can cause coronary problems, malignancy, diabetes and infertility.

Whereas the fact that hand sanitizer kills the good bacteria despite the dangerous kind, you should ask yourself: Is it necessary? Wash your hands in a traditional way: soap and some warm water are the best solution.

Source: healthtipsportal