What Color And Scent Of Your Urine Says About The Hidden Problems In Your Body

Usually the extent of our knowledge about urine coloring is, the lighter the color, the more hydrated you are and the darker it is the more dehydrated you are… but there is so much more, read and find out.

6 urine colors that indicate your healthcolor of urine

1. Dark Yellow /Amber

This color is not bad is fine, however, like we mentioned above, you may want to increase your daily intake of water! When your body is releasing water-like urine, it means that it can afford to lose some water from your body.

2. Murky Urine

When your urine appears milky or murky, you may have a urinary tract infection of kidney stones.
This one is hard to identify so if you suspect your urine is abnormal, we suggest popping over to see your doctor.

3. Pink / Red Tint

If you didn’t have beets, blueberries or rhubarb for lunch or dinner last night, then this color urine could reveal that there is blood present in your urine.
This could mean nothing, however, it could also be an early symptom of kidney disease, a urinary tract infection or tumors.

4. Syrup Colored or Brown

This color of your urine could indicate that you’re suffering from some type of liver disease.
If this is the regular color of your urine, we highly recommend you visit a Doctor.

5. Orange

This orange is a bright orange that can sometimes be caused by dehydration, but it differs from a dark yellow because it also indicates that you could have a liver or bile duct infection.

6. Normal Urine

There is a large range of colors due to the fact that everybody is different!
Everyone’s body digests food differently and everyone has a different diet to begin with! You should generally have yellow pee, anywhere ranging from a dehydrated amber, to completely clear with a slight yellow tinge.