How To Clean Hard Water Stains Using 1 Kitchen Ingredient

Erin, a household blogger of The Organized Life provides interesting and useful cleaning tips with instructions on how to clean hard water stains with vinegar. This advice works 100% and it will make your faucets clean as never before and it does not involve any elbow grease.


In fact, the vinegar does the entire job while you are free to do other tasks. According to Erin from The Organized Life, the procedure involves soaking several paper towels in a bowl filled with vinegar, which are then applied onto the stained area and left there for a whole hour.

Find the entire procedure on the website The Organized Life. Furthermore, Dawn Cosgrove of The Farmgirl Diaries also used paper towels soaked in vinegar and claims that her faucet became squeaky clean after the paper towels were removed.

Additionally, Ashley Whipple from Cute As A Fox tried out this advice as well and it worked 100 % in her case. Moreover, removing water stains is not the only part where vinegar could help you clean your kitchen.

Also, it can remove rust from cast iron pans, clean can-opener blades, serve as a dishwasher cleaner, etc. Also, you can use it to clean garbage cans as a mixture of vinegar and baking soda.

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