Most Essential Healing Herbs

People are once again turning towards natural medicines, foods and plants for their healing properties, realizing that modern medicine may not always be the best answer to the body’s ailments. The brief descriptions below will provide you with the basic information about some well-known herbs and botanicals. Click on any of the links to explore a large variety of herbal products now available […]

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3 Amazing Home Remedies To Treat Varicose Veins Naturally

Varicose veins are disease of the superficial venous system. We present to you the three most effective methods of Russian folk medicine which are intended for the treatment of varicose veins. Garlic has known to be a helpful herb to reduce inflammation and other symptoms of varicose veins. It can also help improve circulation and break up harmful toxins in […]

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Get rid of unwanted facial hair — naturally!

Facial hair – especially hair on the upper lip – can be very embarrassing. On a daily basis a number of women search for that one elusive method to get rid of unwanted hair permanently, but all the methods of depilation present today have a number of side effects and not to mention can be quite painful. So if you […]

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