This is How You Can Make Your Sinus Infection Go Away Only Under 30 Seconds !

Waking up in the morning feeling clogged up you can’t breathe, your head might be pounding,  itching eyes it’s that time of the year again sinus and allergy season. If you suffer during this time of the year then I have great news for you this remedy will eliminate any of your symptoms quickly.

This article will show you and easy methods for relieving congestion of sinus. It is important to know that for reliving sinus congestion you should eat spicy foods and drink a lot of water.


The method below will explain to you how to drain your sinus.

The nasal passages in the vomer bone contains pressure that moves back and forth. This pressure allows the phelgm in the sinus to loosen. This is where the drainage will begin.

Put pressure on the roof of your mouth and place your thumb in between both of your eyebrows and apply pressure to both of these points for 30 seconds.

This is really simple so why not give it a try next you wake up feeling horrible from sinuses?