Be Careful: Fake Honey Is Being Sold At Grocery Stores


A recent study that Food and Safety News has been testing explains that 80% of all the brands in store contain no pollen in them at all.

Many test have been done on this same thing and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration explains that just about all honey bought at store isn’t really honey. Unfortunately, there still isn’t anything being done about this problem.

Food Safety News started an investigation immediately after hearing that there is huge amount of unidentified honey available in grocery stores.

The test that they performed had bought 60 different brand of honey in different stores from 10 different states. These samples were then sent to Vaughn Bryant which is a well known melissopalynologist and he discovered that there was no pollen in 3/4 of all the honey.

This is  unsafe for one’s health ! 100% of the “honey” containers sold in the Walmart had no pollen at all. The same percentage goes for KFC and McDonald’s. 77% goes for Sam’s Club and Target stores, and 100% goes for Walgreen’s as well.