Her baby will never get to know her because she did this 3x per week.

Louise Cook has a 6-year-old, a 4-year-old, and a small baby girl.

She’s happily married in Thetford, England. While her two other children will certainly have some fond memories of mom, her newborn girl, Chloe, will likely not. You see, Louise only has a few weeks to live.


The diagnosis came while she was 10 weeks pregnant. It was skin cancer which had spread through her lungs and is so advanced that they said she only has a short time to live. The cause was from solarium visits from right after she had separated from her first husband 4 years ago. She wanted to feel better about herself after becoming depressed, so she hit the solarium, receiving the artificial rays 3 times a week. It worked in the short term. Louise felt better about herself. But the unexpected consequences were yet to come.


Louise relays what many people believe:

“I never thought that solariums were so dangerous, since they’re so easily accessible. I was young and naive and now I will pay with my life. Therefore I won’t be here to watch my wonderful children to grow up.”

She naturally was devastated when the diagnosis arrived. “When I eventually stopped crying, I asked what I could do, in order to live as long as possible for my children.”


The doctors told her that it would be best to terminate the pregnancy. That was not an option for Louise. This is how she saw the situation:

“Just because I will soon die, doesn’t mean that my baby must die. It had convinced us even more that she must live. Life is precious.”

Chloe was born healthy and fit. Louise on the other hand was getting worse as the cancer had reached her brain.


She told her other two children the situation:

“I have cautiously explained to my children, that mummy will soon be an angel but that they can always talk to me.”

She even has planned out her own funeral. She put together memory boxes for her children, especially for Chloe.

“But I have an unbelievable family and unbelievable friends, and because of them I know, that they will maintain the memory of me for my children.”


She now only has a few weeks left to live. Her message is now urgent and she wants to get it out there as much as possible:

“I am scared, that other men and women will make the same mistake as me, and put their appearance before their health. I don’t want to alarm young people; I just want to help, to explain. When you absolutely want to be brown, use a tanning cream. Don’t risk your life.”


It’s obviously devastating for Louise to realize she won’t get to see her kids grow up, and won’t be there for Chloe’s first years of life. She chooses to live out her remaining weeks by warning others of her mistakes. Please help her out by sharing this story with all of your friends and family, spreading the message of how dangerous solariums can be.

Source: Somedaily.com