6 Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Trying to Contact You

Guardian Angels are believed to be celestial creatures, which we cannot see, but they are there to protect and guide us through life. They shape our life paths and share their guidance using different signals and signs, such as dreams, subtle messages, and others. The most common signs that your Guardian Angel is trying to communicate are:

  1. Sparkles of light which appear out of nowhere. The point of these sparkles, or color flashes is your Guardian Angel trying to bring you healing and relaxation.
  2. Music coming from uncertain sources is another angelic presence sign.
  3. Feathers on your path, and finding them often is your angel’s way of showing you that you’re on the right path, and giving you comfort.
  4. Babies and pets smiling at thin air is a clear sign that an angel is near. Angels bring babies comfort, and put them at ease.
  5. Clouds shaped like angels is your Guardian’s way of showing his presence.
  6. Scents of sweetness are also an indicator of your Guardian Angels Presence.


Source: theearthchild

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